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Navigting Texas Workforce Commission
Navigting Texas Workforce Commission
Posted Date: October 29 2020
AFM Local 433's Unemployment Compensation Advisory Committee continues to present an Interactive Panel Discussion on Fridays at 1pm to discuss Musicians' issues with applying and receiving Unemployment Assistance during the pandemic. All musicians are welcome to participate live on The Local's YouTube Channel or view the sessions later here: 

Panel Members, Jonathan Rouse, Russell K. Shores, Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff, Tracy Seeger, and Aaron Lack discussing Musicians' issues on the May 15th broadcast. 


Questions from Musicians about Navigating the Texas Workforce Commission applications or about Unemployment Assistance in general may be emailed to

Legal Disclaimer: The information contained herein does not constitute either legal advice or an official pronouncement or position of the Austin Federation of Musicians, but rather is only the personal opinion of the Panelists. The Panelists do not give legal advice or make official rulings on agency matters, should not be cited as authorities in any matter before the agency or when dealing with agency staff about a case, and must minimize their involvement with administrative processes. They also do not give legal advice on any other matter, and any information they give should not be used as a basis for taking any employment-related action. Before taking any employment action that could adversely affect an employee, or before using any sample form or policy you may obtain from this group, you should consult a licensed private-sector employment law attorney of your choice.

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