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Venuology: Musicians Review Venues
Venuology: Musicians Review Venues
Posted Date: February 18 2020
Did you know that the AFM has had a website where working musicians can anonymously share information about venues in cities throughout the United States and Canada since 2010? Venuology was created for all musicians to use and benefit from and includes information about venue size, location, backline, sound personnel, compensation, hospitality, etc. The information about Austin venues on Venuology is very sparse so please share your experience and knowledge. It is worth noting that the username that you choose is visible, so don’t pick one that identifies you if you wish to remain anonymous! When we work together, Solidarity Wins!  
From the ABOUT page: “We created Venuology to help musicians share information about music venues alerting them to clubs that don't treat musicians well, and also those that do. With this website, we hope musicians will have an easier time deciding where to perform — and as a result, that venues will feel more pressure to improve pay, sound quality or other problems.  
The reviews on this site are written by our users — in other words, musicians! Venue reviews are subjective and you're the best judge of the credibility of each review. Any musician can review a venue he or she has played at —  joining Venuology  is free and anonymous.

By: AFM Local 433 President,   Aaron Lack


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