April 12, 2024
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New City Affairs Committee Begins Work
New City Affairs Committee Begins Work
Posted Date: June 13 2019
 A new Austin Federation Of Musicians City Affairs Committee has been appointed to monitor City Of Austin activity relevant to the music business sector.  Members, Daisy, Tom, and Aaron will collaborate with other labor unions, music organizations, and the city government itself to lend working musicians' perspectives to the City's efforts and to bring current information to the attention of Austin Federation Of Musicians members and the music community at large.  
The City Affairs Committee will use The Austin Federation Of Musicians' newsletter, Austin Musician, the union's website and social media outlets to disseminate information.  Are you a union member who would like to participate in this effort? Writers, photographers, and speakers are needed. Contact your local union office to get involved at info@AustinMusician.org or 512-440-1414!





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