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Local Governance Restored!
Local Governance Restored!
Posted Date: May 25 2019
 As of May 1st, 2019, local governance was restored to AFM Local 433, The Austin Federation Of Musicians, after two and a half years of Federation Trusteeship, wherein the local was governed by AFM Trustee, Steven Begnoche. Many thanks are due to Mr. Begnoche for his leadership and ingenuity in restructuring our local union. He has moved on to his next AFM assignment but will continue to be a resource for our officers and members in the future. AFM International Representative, Cass Acosta, was also of great help and support during the Trusteeship. AFM Assistant to The President, Ken Shirk, visited several times during The Trusteeship and provided helpful advice and direction for our local.  
 I look forward to continuing the progress that our local has achieved in this new era. The fight against the exploitation of musicians has never been more important than it is today. The only way to ensure that our profession carries on into the future is by working together to defend the value of our work.

Aaron Lack
President, Austin Federation Of Musicians
AFM Local 433

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