September 28, 2023
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Local 433 Secretary-Treasurer, Blair Robbins, will be a panelist at this discussion, hosted by Local 6 Musicians! Register at the link and tune in!

Panelists from across the West Coast and beyond are joining together to discuss how freelance musicians will organize and gain their power back in the workplace. Join us on October 2 at 6pm Central! 

Musicians Win Music Commission Support of Parks And Rec Board Recommendation for Fair Pay for Artists at SXSW.

Over thirty musicians attended the Austin Music Commission Meeting on Monday, August 7th at 6:30pm holding signs that read, “FAIR PAY AT $x$w, PASS THE PARKS BOARD RECOMMENDATION!”
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Musicians to once again speak out in favor of fair pay at SXSW at the Austin Music Commission meeting

Musicians to once again speak out in favor of fair pay at SXSW at the Austin Music Commission meeting, August 7th, 2023, 6:30pm, Austin City Hall.

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Austin Music Commission Delays Vote on Fair Pay at SXSW

At their regular meeting on July 5th, 2023 at 6:30 at Austin Energy Mueller Headquarters, The Austin Music Commission, a body comprised of commissioners appointed by each elected Austin City Council Member, voted to delay their consideration of the Austin Parks and Recreation Board’s Recommendation from June 26th, titled, “Recommend that the City of Austin Council Support Fair Pay for SXSW Performing Artists.” The Music Commission delayed their discussion on the recommendation in order to hear from the numerous musicians and other parties who were in attendance and signed up to speak at the meeting on this topic.

Musicians Win Parks and Rec Board Resolution for Fair Pay at SXSW!

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Open Coalition Letter to Austin Parks & Rec Board on Pay at SXSW

–For Immediate Release–

The Austin Federation of Musicians’ Executive Board and Festival Committee, along with other organizations, have each elected to endorse an open letter to the Austin Parks and Recreation Board, in support of their March 27th 2023 Proposed Recommendation to City Council, Titled “Recommend that the City of Austin Council Support a Fair Pay for SXSW Performing Artists,” that is scheduled to be reconsidered at the June 26th, 2023 meeting of the Board.
See the attached letter Here:  Open Coalition Letter to Austin Parks and Rec Board 
See the attached Draft Resolution from Austin Parks and Rec. Board Here: Draft Recommendation onSXSW Fair Pay- 2023-03-27.pdf
Please contact The Austin Federation of Musicians Office with questions at 512-440-1414 or

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