May 28, 2024
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Local 433
We are the Austin Federation of Musicians, professional musicians united so that:
*We can live and work in dignity
*Our work will be fulfilling and compensated fairly
*We will have a meaningful voice in decisions that affect us
*We will have the opportunity to develop our talents and skills
*Our collective voice and power will be realized in a democratic and progressive union
*We can oppose the forces of exploitation through our union solidarity

To achieve these objectives, we must commit to:
*Treating each other with respect and dignity without regard to ethnicity, creed, sex, age, disability, citizenship, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, or national origin
*Honoring the standards and expectations we collectively set for ourselves in pursuit of that vision, supporting and following the Bylaws that we adopt for ourselves
*Actively participating in the democratic institutions of our union

With that unity and resolve, we must engage in direct action that demonstrates our power and determination to:
*Organize unorganized musicians, extending to them the gains of unionism while securing control over our industry sectors and labor markets
*Bargain contracts and otherwise exercise collective power to improve wages and working conditions, expand the role of musicians in work place decision-making, and building a stronger union
*Build political power to ensure that musicians' voices are heard at every level of government to create economic opportunity and foster social justice
*Provide meaningful paths for member involvement and participation in a strong democratic union
*Develop highly trained and motivated leaders at every level of the union who reflect the membership in all its diversity
*Build coalitions and act in solidarity with other organizations who share our concern for social and economic justice

Local 433 Jurisdiction:
All of the following counties: Llano, Burnet, Blanco, Hays, Travis, Williamson, Caldwell, Bastrop, Lee, Fayette and Burleson.

President: Aaron Lack

Vice President: Russell K. Shores

Secretary-Treasurer: Blair Robbins

Executive Board Seat #1:
David Greenfield Bowie

Executive Board Seat #2:
JW Riza

Executive Board Seat #3:
Sonya Jevette

Executive Board Seat #4:
Jonathan Rouse

Executive Board Seat #5:
Zeke Jarmon

Executive Board Seat #6:
Jeff Olson

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